Marinated Mussels with Orange

20' Easy 12345

For the mussels:
500g Mussels (cleaned)

For the marinade:
200ml Bertolli EVOO
60ml Bertolli White Vinegar
1 Orange, juice and peel
1 Lime, peel
5g Paprika
1 Carrot, quartered
3 Shallots, halved


Step 1

In a saucepan, heat the EVOO, vinegar, orange peel, lime peel and paprika with the vegetables.

Step 2

Add the mussels to the marinade and cook until the shells open. Remove them from the marinade and take the mussles out of the shells for serving.

Step 3

Remove the marinade from the heat, strain it, cut the vegetables and add in the juice from the orange.

Step 4

Place the mussels and vegetables in the marinade and serve.

Step 5


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